IPC 2017 –Instructions for All Presenters (Chairs, Discussants, and Authors of Oral and Poster communications)


For information on the session in which you will be presenting, including the names of the session chair, discussant and all authors and access to abstracts and full papers, please refer to the online programme .

To contact authors, discussants, chairs and panelists on the scientific programme, please go to the online programme, log in with your ID and password,  and look up the individuals you wish to contact, click on their name,  and then select CONNECT to send a message.

All Authors

All authors (those presenting in Oral and Poster Sessions) should upload the full paper in PDF by 30 September via the Speaker Center . You will need to login with your email address and password and then under “My Presentations”, click on the paper title to open the interface where you can upload your full paper.

There is no recommended page length for your full paper. The length of your paper should be sufficient to present your research and findings and depends on your subject matter.  The chair and discussant will appreciate concise papers that are not overly long and which are clearly written. As a helpful guide less than 8 pages is likely too short and papers over 30 pages are likely longer than the chair and discussant will want to read. Poster authors should also upload the full paper on which the poster is based (posters are summaries of longer scientific papers).

The Speaker Center is also where you can modify authors and presenting author, and indicate the language in which you will present your communication (English or French), which will determine if the oral session you are presenting in is assigned to a room with interpretation facilities.

Poster Authors

Authors of Posters should also upload a full paper (this is not the same as the Poster). For instructions on the size of poster boards and other information please click here for the full poster presentation instructions  Information on the exact poster area and number of your poster placement in  Exhibition Hall 2 will be communicated later.

Here are some websites that offer useful and sometimes humorous tips on how to prepare a good scientific poster. Keep in mind that the poster board size in Cape Town will accommodate a 90 cm wide by 1 m 80 cm high poster:

In following these tips perhaps your poster will be selected for one of the daily best poster prizes that will be awarded during the Conference.


Presenters in Regular Sessions (Chairs, Authors and Discussants).

Each session will be facilitated by a chair and should include 4 presentations, followed by a discussion of all papers from the floor, possibly introduced by a discussant. Each paper author will have 15 minutes to speak. Discussants are allocated 10 minutes to review the key points of each paper and 15 minutes are reserved for questions and answers from the floor (N.B. In sessions with 5 presentations, speakers will only have 12 minutes to present). Presenters should respect these time limits. The session chair is expected to keep time and ensure all presenters respect speaking time limits.

In preparing your oral presentation, keep in mind that 15 minutes will allow you to read a text of between 1,500 and 2,000 words,  depending on your speaking cadence and style.  Practice your  presentation aloud beforehand and time yourself to make sure you can present everything in the 15 minutes allocated.

Uploading PowerPoint Presentations

All meeting rooms are equipped with a computer and a projector so that speakers can use PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint files cannot be uploaded in the meeting room. All PowerPoint files must be uploaded on a central server no later than the evening before the session. Presenters should submit their file on a flash drive (USB key) the evening before the session to the technical assistants in room 1.52, 1st floor of the CTICC Convention Centre, which will be open from 29 October to 3 October from 8am to 17:00 every day).

Presenters should carefully verify that the file is uploaded to the correct session and that it opens and runs correctly. Please name the file by indicating the session number and name of first author (for example: 225-Smith).

Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation will be provided for 8 of the 12 parallel sessions. Sessions in meeting rooms [1.41-1.42], [1.43-1.44], [2.41-2.42] and [2.43-2.44] will be held in English without simultaneous interpretation.


Presenters who plan to speak in French should have already indicated the language via the Speaker Center in order to ensure the session is assigned to a room with interpretation facilities.